[Videos] Get the first hand action of the Tesla P90D Ludicrous mode image

Tesla, the electric luxury automaker that is counted as the smallest and youngest publicly traded US carmaker knows how to make fans, investors and even analysts brittle with joy.

Since it has been taken public just five years ago Tesla has grown tremendously – it has a global network, a new model in tow and another just around the corner (ok, it’s 2017) and even a battery storage business or its own mega factory to produce those batteries under construction. And their Model S luxury sedan has been praised in each and every occasion by both industry experts, fans and owners. How can they top all that? Well, by introducing updates to the Model S – for example give it semi-autonomous features. Or improve its battery capacity – which is already outclassing every opponent in the electric sector. Or just give us the aptly named “Ludicrous” mode. We have the first few clips showing us a preview of the car and also a preview of the “ludicrous” amount of acceleration videos to follow after people get their hands on the latest P90D version.

One of the short clips gives us a quick walkaround of the electro-sedan and the other is a tasty preview of the accelerations people will get to experience. You might remember the P85D model – the one with all-wheel drive and enhanced power and range – got tons of appreciations. Now the P90D will surely garner even more positive reactions, thanks to the Ludicrous that simply cuts the 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) time from the previous 3.1 seconds to just 2.8 seconds thanks to an intelligent fuse with new electronics and a lithium-ion battery.