[Videos] Half a mile drag record broken by dual-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo image

If you’re passionate about drag racing, you might have heard of Underground Racing. If not, you can now tell everybody you know who delivered the tuned Lamborghini Gallardo that recently broke the half-a-mile world record.

The feat was achieved over the course of the past weekend, with the Underground Racing-prepared Lamborghini Gallardo managing to exceed 240 mph (386 km/h) during the runs. The Italian thoroughbred has been treated to the aftermarket specialist’s X Package, reaching a trap speed of 240.64 mph at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado. By the way, since you know that area due to the hill climb, the organizers mentioned the altitude of the record sat at 9,500 ft. Of course such amazing feats aren’t achieved with your average turbo – no, the dual-turbo supercar now packs more than 2,300 horses from its V10.

With such massive power levels, even the all wheel drive won’t be able to keep the wheels from spinning while using the lower gears, so the driver isn’t there just for the thrills. And by the way, the owner of the machine is also the first private driver in the world to surpass the 240 miles per hour threshold. And interestingly, he’s also the owner of Alpha G – a tuned Nissan GT-R (AMS Performance R35) that aims to break the quarter mile world record in its class (which is why we’re showcasing it in the second video).