[Videos] Honda Accord celebrates four decades of American life with interesting facts image

The Japanese automaker is reaching the 40 year milestone with its Accord midsize and the celebration includes a walk past history lane for the most popular model of the company in America.

First revealed back in June 1976, the original Accord came with a 68 hp engine and its wheelbase was actually shorter than the one deployed by the current generation Fit / Jazz subcompact. As such, it had little in common – save for the name – with the current generation Accord, but over the years its popularity has grown and in the US has been sold in 12.7 million examples. More so, most of the units have been manufactured locally in America.

Honda is very proud of its heritage and the fact that it has been producing cars in the United States for so long – noting it was the first representative of the Land of the Rising Sun to make vehicles at a local US facility. The company is also the first Japanese automaker to start exporting American-made automobiles to overseas markets. “The Accord embodies the challenging spirit of Honda and our commitment to delivering innovative products to our customers of the highest quality, reliability and value,” commented American Honda Motor Company executive vice president John Mendel.