[Videos] Hot hatch drag races pit the Focus RS against the A 45 AMG and Civic Type R image

People are mesmerized by the most recent iteration of the Focus RS family – but many still forget the brand has had a very successful rally programme that contributed to the development of this and previous iterations.

While the first two generations of the Focus RS were sometimes flawed, the most recent iteration has ironed out the issues – such as torque steering, less than upscale interiors and others. Now the Focus RS has a monster engine, even though it has been downsized, an up to snuff interior and a comfortable every-day ride demeanor when you need it. But add in the smart four wheel drive and you’ll automatically understand why everyone wants to know if this is the “one hot hatch to rule them all”. Among the contenders for the honor is the utterly expensive Mercedes A45 AMG – it’s a highly competent hyper hatch and will even go down with certain supercars.

The main reason this race featured here is not really equal is that a third contender – the Civic Type R – only has two-wheel drive. And while it also boasts a capable 310 hp engine, there’s no spoiler here in telling you the battle is between the Mercedes and Ford’s new kid on the block. We’re not going to spill the beans for you, but remember that even if the winner is decided here, you’re not going to put AWD hot hatches to straight lines all their life, because such compelling packages need to be compared on an actual racetrack.