[Videos] Huge crash takes Renault Megane RS on flip journey at the Nürburgring image

With the famed German circuit modified after last year’s deadly crash during a race, it was driver error this time around that caused mayhem as a Renault Megane RS undertook heavy damage following a weekend crash.

Just last week we told you about the Nissan GT-R it may sound like déjà vu since another white Renault Megane RS coupe managed to roll at the exact same spot about a year ago. The difference is the latter landed on the wheels at the end unlike the former which ended up pointing the remaining three towards the great blue. Coincidence or not, another Megane RS also crashed last year in September in the area.

While all three crashes were rather serious, Renault’s reputation with safety withstood the test as all drivers came out unscathed or without serious issues. And by the way, we’re eagerly awaiting the successor of the Megane RS coupe which will be morphing into a more practical five-door hatch by the end of next year.