[Videos] Latest batch of 2017 VW Golf Alltrack ads have an outdoor feeling image

It seems Volkswagen of America’s creative ad teams haven’t been hit with the same cost reductions as the other departments due to the Dieselgate scandal, as these commercials have some serious work behind them.

The commercials for the Alltrack have always been kind of crazy and wild – just check YouTube for the previous ones (Tanner Foust and some crazy winter sporty stuff point of view). Now they are returning with a bang – November’s ad “Salmon” shows a couple discovering the wild. They have fish going upstream, a bear catching them and even an eagle taking the salmon from the river like he’s landing on a jet carrier. All normal – except for the fact that in real life things are less entertaining as they really fight for survival there. The rest are also all about lumberjack shirts, boots, wood, lakes and stuff.

So, with Consumer Reports calling it “frisky” but expensive, there’s no denying there’s a strong statement to be made in order to make you want a Golf Alltrack instead of a regular SUV. It does come with a great 1.8 TSI with DSG – and there’s no diesel shenanigan in sight – but does it really get better mileage and a bigger trunk than a regular crossover? We’re not entirely sure but we still think the ads are cool.