[Videos] Lexus NX on ice wheels looks decisively cool image

The Japanese automaker has decided that European customers of the new NX crossover should get treated to a cool promotional stunt – namely a set of icy non-alloy wheels.

The marketing department of the luxury brand has some interesting ideas – from the Marty McFly inspired to get this done the NX was deep-frozen and then stored for five days at -22°F (-30°C) – Lexus then claims afterwards the model started without any issue on the first try.

As far as the ice wheels are concerned if you think ice sculptures are pretty easy we’ll let you give it a try at home with something as simple as a tennis ball. The Lexus ice wheels and tires were created by Hamilton Ice Sculptors and represented the culmination of no less than three months of research, design, and testing. The real NX alloys and tires were laser-scanned and were then replicated into real life ice wheels using computer design software and numerical control techniques. The water is softened water from a moving flow as it needed to be perfectly clear and free of impurities – the weight of the car was also supported through the use of acrylic inserts, with the LEDs just for artistic effect though.