Apparently – judging by the flurry of less than usual camouflaged prototypes we saw today – Mercedes-Benz has decided that it should hide less its upcoming models – maybe it’s a new marketing strategy to best BMW and Audi.

As such, we’re here with yet another set of videos depicting upcoming models form the three-pointed star brand after seeing in action on public streets the GLC Coupe and W213 E Class sedan and T-Modell. The two new spy footage reels have captured the upcoming mildly facelifted Mercedes CLA and CLA Shooting Brake. We shouldn’t even use the word refresh here as the company has decided that we needed an eyeglass to spot the differences between the varying CLA four-door coupe and its wagon brethren – as design modifications will be more than subtle. Which is maybe why both models feature the camo on the head and taillights – in an effort to hide the updated lighting technology. The front bumper will also be touched here and there as we can see from the masked portions. By the way, the uprated lighting tech most likely will come in the form of the adaptive LED clusters that have been prepared for the yet to be announced E Class sedan and wagon sibling.

The CLA and CLA Shooting Brake will have the same side profile and at the back we can see them carrying updated graphics for the LED groups. Inside the cabin we’re rumored to be treated to the same updated infotainment system that has already premiered on the A-Class hatchback facelift and coming with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. We’re predicting the duo will make a scheduled appearance during the Geneva Motor Show in March next year, though we’re also tipping an online reveal prior to that event.

Via Mercedes-Benz Prototypes


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