Mercedes-Benz should pretty much call it a day and just show us the new E Class (W213) after delivering the full specifications of the interior alongside wide gallery and also teasing the exterior within those shots.

Now we’re also looking at footage captured on public roads that is depicting the almost-production ready model undergoing testing and wearing what we would call a G-String disguise since it almost reveals it all. We’re talking about the exterior design of course, which is wearing the thinnest camo we have seen to date – some duct tape will not go a long way into concealing the lines and details. As such we’re treated to what is now the familiar front end of the current design language, while at the back the cat is out of the bag as well and we’re treated here to a mix between the C and S Classes. We’re expecting the all new adaptive LED headlights (actually revealed in the gallery with interior pics, but covered here for some reason) and a sleek arrangement for the LED taillights to match the chrome diffuser with twin, integrated, exhaust pipes.

And to make the icing on the cake we also have a second video depicting in action – this time around with fully fledged camouflage – the station wagon version, the traditional T-Modell. Hiding the large trunk, the prototype was testing the water for the production version that is expected to boast a 700 liters cargo capacity and extending to at least 2,000 liters when the rear seats are folded.

Via walkoART Videos


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