While it’s only slowly returning to the former glory (in terms of sales), Mercedes-Benz is actually ahead of its archrival BMW in terms of Facebook fans, having recently achieved the 20 million milestone.

We’re not entirely sure these videos are not a prank or a fake but it appears Mercedes was so elated to have reached such a high ranking that 130 years of serious German car making went down the… stream and they came up with a bat crazy idea of having a Felix Baumgartner moment. Before we explain, let’s get to the bottom of the Facebook post – sorry, story. Mercedes leads the fight here with BMW really close at about one million fans behind and Audi being really ashamed of its social skills at a disastrous nine million (maybe some of them disaffiliated since the Dieselgate started). Mercedes may also add a few hundred thousand fans more after these clips are seen all around the world.

That’s because in honor of the occasion they decided that four scale models of the SUV line-up (GLC, GLE Coupe and two G-Wagens) together with a 360 degrees camera rig should hitch a ride in a weather balloon. The camera was on point to collect data (serious science here) about the ascension: they gather water while passing through the clouds, the freeze, they thaw and they reach the outer limits of the atmosphere where the balloon decides it has completed its work and pops. A major descent story would follow here but Mercedes cut it out – instead treating us to a second video with a fierce team of real-sized G-Class off-roaders doing what they do best to recover the camera and four scale models.



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