[Videos] Nissan explains the autonomous ProPilot technology image

The Japanese automaker recently announced its first model to be fitted with the ProPilot autonomous technology – the JDM-spec Serena minivan – and we also know it’s coming on the Qashqai.

Nissan’s newly developed semi-autonomous driving technology – “ProPILOT” – has been fitted first to the Serena minivan sold on the home market in Japan. Showcased in its fifth generation earlier this month, the fifth generation of the practical people hauler is able to steer itself under certain conditions – such as on the highway in single-lane traffic. Of course, the system is currently developed even further and according to the company in 2018 will jump to the next iteration that will handle multi-lane driving. Nissan also says by the turn of the decade the ProPilot suite will have evolved enough to grant autonomous capabilities in the city as well.

As far as we can see, the Tesla Autopilot system will be the benchmark for autonomous systems, and in relation to Nissan’s ProPilot we can tell you the latter in the Serena still compels the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel at all times. A warning light goes up first, followed by a buzzer and in the end the system will automatically turn itself off. We already know the European Qashqai will get it next year, but the automaker is planning on fitting it to more than ten models in the near future – including select models in the United States and China. The internal buzz also quotes models such as the 370Z and GT-R not being “immune” to such autonomous driving tech.