[Videos] Nissan’s Canadian-exclusive Micra Cup isn’t boring at all image

Among the motorsport roster of competition, one can find some that are both entertaining and inexpensive. And we have the perfect example in the Micra Cup weekend crash and pile-up.

The thing is that one might be looking for both attributes to refer to his racing kit – but this is actually not the case. The entertainment part is for the viewer and the inexpensive part is for the services that will start repairing all the botched Micras. The Nissan Micra Cup was born in Canada back in 2014 and up until now almost nobody – except for the racers – noticed it. After all, there are lots of cheap one-make and one model cups out there. Additionally, since we’re dealing with Nissan Micras – the go to vehicle for ladies looking to fiddle around town – everyone thinks this is boring as watching a sloth climb a tree. Guess again and just watch the onboard camera footage.

During the race taking place at the Calabogie Motorsports Park, all hell broke loose after the seemingly traditional start. While the Nissan cheap factory racing Cup has 109-horsepower slow racers, their full roll cages, FIA-approved driver’s seat, and NISMO suspension proved their worth during the pile up that saw Micras tumbling everywhere. Amazingly, no one was harmed and one driver even navigated the mayhem with brilliance and had footage for all of us to wonder. By the way, if you live in Canada and didn’t know, you can compete in the Micra Cup where these officially organized races will make you pay just $19,998 for the car. Afterwards, you can get in two hours of race awesomeness consisting of a 30-minute trial, a 30-minute qualifying session, and two 30-minute races.