[Videos] Porsche Boxster with 4-cylinder spied image

The third generation of the acclaimed sports car – the 981 series – is ready to also feature the smallest displacement engine so far, a flat-four boxer engine that will also be available on the Cayman coupe brother.

Porsche, a sports car manufacturer with tradition is not coy on following the latest trends, even if that means giving up some of its beloved concepts – remember when nobody gave the Porsche SUV a fighting chance?

So, we shouldn’t be surprised if sometimes in the near future we’ll get to see even the mighty 911 roar from just four cylinders – albeit in a boxer configuration. Betting back to the Boxster we see in the videos, the black prototype seen driving on the streets of district in Stuttgart, Germany, has little disguise on it – after all, the changes are all hidden underneath the engine cover.

The new flat four boxer engines will bring a range of improvements for the Boxster model – improved mileage and reduced CO2 emissions, a key improvement if Porsche wants to meet the regulations imposed in Europe and the US by the start of the next decade. Better off, because the new engine is smaller and lighter after slashing two cylinders, reportedly the handling and braking characteristics of the car have also gone up accordingly.