[Videos] RM Sotheby’s to auction legendary Jaguar C-type Lightweights image

The well known auction house will auction in August one of the iconic classic motorsports cars, the second of only three Jaguar C-type Lightweights conceived for the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The model in question is chassis XKC 052 and in that year’s edition of the prestigious motorsport trace it finished fourth overall, with Scottish team Ecurie Ecosse also using to great success the car the following year. The Lightweights were the final C-Types before the D-Type arose to prominence and as such were treated to all the goodies – thin-gauge aluminum body, with the Jaguar six using Weber carburetors. The three examples were also the first cars that had disc brakes and ran Le Mans, making a huge difference in the race. The trio, practically unmatched as they tackled the bends thanks to their very low weight and disc brakes, set a race-leading pace and chassis 051 and 053 took a one-two podium, with car 052 a few laps behind in fourth. This is the first time in a decade and a half the car is becoming available.

As far as the winning Jaguar, Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt held driving duties, with their model being the first car to have an average speed of more than 100 miles per hour for the 24-hour event. The XKC 052 had completed 297 laps compared to the winning brethren’s 304 count, and its average speed also exceeded 100 mph – clocked in at 167 km/h (around 103 mph).

Via Forbes