We just showed you what may very well be the most extreme and beautiful Trabant 601 ever and the classical pocket rocket segment has just gained another addition – a Fiat 126p with a Honda VTEC turbo engine.

Built in Poland, the Fiat 126p has undergone a well-executed transformation – has eschewed altogether the standard two-cylinder engine thanks to a Lithuanian tuner named Tomas Nenartovic. He carefully fitted (how on Earth, we’re wondering?!) a Honda 1.6-liter VTEC engine. And because in its old guise – where it sat under the bonnet of a regular Civic Si – it only gave up 125 bhp (93 kW), the specialist also decided to up the ante with a turbo to lift total power to about 170 bhp (127 kW). If you think such power is not really something today when a midsized diesel gets up to this level easily, just remember the minuscule 126p has a dry weight of just 580 kg (1,278 lbs).

Naturally the marine blue contraption at hand is not weighing as low, thanks to the modifications and the much bigger engine, but we can still judge the power-to-weight ratio is pretty spectacular. We’re also seeing this one slide the win back to the Trabant in terms of performance but we have to give kudos to the tuner that clearly employed a massive amount of technical expertise on what appears to be a tight budget. And we can’t call the tiny 126p a sleeper since the massive tires sit under equally fat wheel arches and that would be a dead giveaway to anyone.

Via autoforum.cz


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