[Videos] Teaser for Land Rover Discovery includes kids’ drawn camouflage pattern image

The latest teaser for the new generation Land Rover Discovery again includes the vehicle in full camouflage mode – but at least the pattern is not the usual dizzy head-spinning procedure, but cool looking kids’ drawings.

The model is due for a worldwide reveal on September 28 but it’s already showing us more than we bargained for thanks to the design hiding under less stringent and more colorful camouflage patterns created from kids’ drawings. Several children aged between five and nine have been tasked to cover in disguise the new Disco, labeled by the company as the “world’s most capable family SUV.” They even signed their works of art, so their parents can marvel at the doodles. The fifth generation Discovery aims to remain just as proficient in off-road scenarios as ever, but with added emphasis on families with kids. It’s able to host up to seven persons, so it also has an Intelligent Seat Fold system – which includes the ability to remotely slide and fold the second and third rows through the InControl Remote app.


The automaker is also making sure everything is up to snuff in terms of technology, with charging multiple mobile devices at once a trifle – due to the Discovery being equipped with up to nine USB ports and four special places for tablet storage. The all-new generation will be revealed first on September 28 and then go on to premiere in front of the worldwide audience during the Paris Motor Show early October.