Yes, everyone thought about that when the California-based automaker introduced the long-rumored 100 kWh option for its Model S luxury sedan – this could be the perfect vehicle to break quarter mile records.

Oh wait, they didn’t? Why not, the Internet is full of examples of how the rather expensive but ultra-luxurious and technology-laden sedan is whipping the floor with sports cars all around the world. So, in our earnest opinion, it’s no surprise the Model S P100D is the fastest four-door production series sedan in the world. The good folks over at DragTimes did a sensible thing here – they took the Model S to the track. This is after taking delivery of their brand new P100D and putting it on the quarter mile drag strip. The Palm Beach International Raceway was used as the setting and they looked “for the absolutely best time possible by making some attempts at 100 percent state of charge.”


This is why they didn’t go to a Tesla Supercharger station just a few miles away from the track and instead brought a 150-kilowatt industrial generator along with twin Tesla HPWC chargers – this generator is powerful enough to support another five Tesla charging stations. They went head to head with great sports cars such as the Corvette Z06, Challenger Hellcat, Nissan GT-R, Camaro, and CTS-V, recording the best run of 10.76 at 122.36 miles per hour (196.91 kilometers per hour), a new NEDRA certified record for both electrics and any four-door cars on sale today.

Via DragTimes


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