Endurance racing is a true statement of motorsport prowess for both man and machine, and the 2016 24H Nurburgring Nordschleife is well known for being tough – but add in bad weather an you have a recipe for numerous crashes.

The 2016 Nürburgring 24-Hour race had an exciting end due to the competition’s closest finish ever, but the intertwining laps were more than thrilling as the legendary German track was taken over by chaos due to a major hailstorm and heavy rain downpour. The weather wrecked havoc early on and the officials even had to halt the race for a couple of hours – mostly because racers were dancing and sliding all over the place – as you can see in the video below. The clip provides a thrilling bird’s eye view of what happened at one very slick of the Green Hell – just a couple of cars went for the gravel at first but then they just didn’t stop coming out. The racers were in unison pirouetting off the slippery track and when the official stopped it the camera crews showed footage of another hard section.

Check out the videos below to also see the action from spectators’ level. And as you can see the context with the heavy rain downpour is better captured here – though the deluge is also bringing unexpected thrills to the trackside crew. By the way, we recently told you Hyundai’s N performance division also entered the race with its still under development i30 N – which is a feat on its own that it managed to finish the event in one piece following the utter mayhem.




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