[Videos] This is December’s Ferrari LaFerrari crash – it took place in London image

It appears that no month goes by without some driver crashing his most prized possession – namely the Italian member of the exclusive hybrid hypercar holy trinity club.

This time around the crash report comes from London where the LaFerrari in question – painted yellow – was abused by its driver and decided to strike back, as we’re apparently dealing here with a loss of control. We’re making this educated guess due to the associated pics, which depict the pride and joy of the Prancing Horse brand looking at the traffic the wrong way and having met the divider on the A40. We also caught wind of a video showcasing the halo car being lifted on a platform in what appears to be Central London. The damage doesn’t appear to be massive enough to make the world mourn for the loss of one of the only 499 LaFerraris ever made, but it also looks extensive enough – several body panels have been affected and the size of the impact is being hinted at by the left rear wheel’s lack of alignment – which is actually an issue even Ferrari engineers experienced a while back when undergoing testing on Fiorano.

We also decided to post another video with a yellow Ferrari cruising around London – we’re not betting our money here but it just might be the same car. And in case you were wondering, the footage is shot by a cyclist that showcased the well known London traffic – which at least allows you to keep up with a hypercar even when you’re pedaling.