[Videos] Watch and behold the exquisite Aston martin DB11 in first official footage image

The British sports car automaker has recently taken the wraps off its new DB11 during the ongoing among others.

Having an all new Aston Martin is a rare occurrence – something in the lines of catching a perfect moon eclipse – so we’re going to revel in this one even as the automaker did offer in just two years two iterations of the DB line. But we’re counting the DB10 as a mere showoff – since it’s actually based off the aged DB9. So, without further ado, the British carmaker that is among the last Mohicans standing alone in the industry where every small brand is owned by a larger group, is delivering the DB11 model, which is the one car that will make or break the future of the company. We have a bonded aluminum chassis, an aluminum body – and all the savings have been thrown away because the DB11 is only 33 lbs slimmer than its predecessor, the DB9. But fortunately there’s good reason for that – an all new engine.

This is an in-house job (the V8s from Mercedes-AMG are rumored down the line), with the V12 twin-turbo 5.2-liter churning out 600 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. Engineers also worked in the magical cylinder deactivation system – each bank has its own intercooler and turbocharger thus not losing the entire grunt when it becomes a fuel-efficient inline-six. The automatic transmission is the ubiquitous ZF gearbox but with a torque vectoring differential for the rear wheels.