[Videos] Watch the new 2016 layout for the Nurburgring racing circuit image

Porsche has already broken the bottle on the 2016 layout of the Nurburgring, prior to the actual official season start, so it’s time to see how the track’s revised setting looks from the perspective of a driver enjoying the track through the well known Touristenfahrten (tourist day) events.

The video mostly focuses on the two major modifications that have been granted to the Nordschleife circuit – and the footage actually comes from a ‘Ring fan that has posted numerous clips of his Renault Megane RS taking up the acquired knowledge and experience on the circuit to supercars. By the way, if you didn’t know your German tracks, we can tell you the most famous circuit has been modified following a deadly VLN racing accident from 2015. Afterwards, the Flugplatz section’s bump has been ironed out and the track has been widened. The effect is also a little confusing – the jump bump missing, now cars go through the area at greater speeds. We can see that in the Leon Cupra DSG being used as a camera car, but that will also be true for the racers packing serious downforce heat.

Additionally, the changes may become questionable since the run-off section on the side of the track hasn’t been stretched as well. At least the spectator zone has more protection thanks to new fences that should keep people safer and at a distance. The second major change is that its parking entry has been changed and now the things happen the other way around. Once the weather clears out, we expect even more videos to come and show if the changes are for the btter or worse.

Via xthilox