[Video]US: farmer auto ad earns top award image

We’ve all made many times such a mental picture about the US – they like big trucks, the gold rush and especially farming. So, there’s no surprise that a Ram truck farmer ad has actually won the Nielsen “Auto Ad Of The Year Award”.

While the ad is actually quite old now, being released more than a year ago, it’s a nice view into the surreal idea of a true salute tot American farmers. It’s so effective that it even won the prestigious Nielsen Automotive Ad of the Year Award for 2013 – based on national TV ad effectiveness surveys. The research found out if the ad could be recalled, correctly associated to the brand, have its message remembered and… naturally, if people liked it.

The Ram Truck ad bested the other two finalists, Hyundai’s ad that tied to the highly successful Walking Dead zombie apocalypse and VW’s take on how to become happier.

“There was no celebrity endorser, no music, no motion picture, it was all stills. It featured hardly any cars,” said Olivier Francois, CMO for Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat Group Automobiles. Some even said it looked like “a Powerpoint, with a lot of farmers,” he added.

The ad is a solemn take on the farmer of America, with radio personality Paul Harvey used to deliver the message – the soundtrack was actually lifted from a 1978 speech Harvey delivered to a Future Farmers of America convention.

Via Forbes