European aftermarket specialist Vilner has already become renowned for its interior craftsmanship – and while their projects are wildly different every time, they always manage to bring interesting cues to them.

Let’s take this creation as an example – it’s a car that has nothing to do with luxury sedans or muscle car coupes – because it’s a rather expired 1998 Audi TT. The car in question does have some credentials to its name, because it’s the roadster version, powered by the 180-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine – with power delivered to the front wheels alone. That’s hardly something special – probably worth 5k in extremely good condition. Such a low value means the interior specialist has actually doubled or tripled its net worth now…

Vilner breathes new life into “classic” Audi TT 6

Vilner says this example only had an owner, so the changes are understandable. They opted for soft brown leather, blue seat belts, blue stitching on the steering wheel, and Alcantara strips sparsely used around – all a good match for the exterior deep blue paint. A TT logo was used on the seat and door inserts while the center console got treated to the same brown hue. The TT’s exterior does get a touch of modernity with Vilner’s addition of LED elements to the front and rear lights.


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