Vilner has redressed a Mustang in… Mustang leather image

We’re going to start by telling you that we had the utmost respect for Vilner, a great interior tuner – but its latest project coming from the Chinese studio is certainly something to be condemned.

A Chinese customer insisted on his Ford Mustang get dressed in… well, “real mustang.” The interior has been fully clad in Mustang leather – and some parts even feature the real hair from the mustang horse that is so scarce today. Vilner’s admission of a “somewhat controversial” undertaking is certainly the least we can say about this, and we’re not even animal activists – just plain people who understand that people shouldn’t be above the other beings when there’s no survival need involved… The Chinese design studio used horse leather for the seats and steering wheel, gearlever and handbrake. The sides of the seats get the hair and it’s all fully hand-perforated by the Chinese craftspeople.

Vilner has redressed a Mustang in… Mustang leather 4

There’s also some Alcantara, with the roof lining distinctive enough – it has two hand-painted cobras. The finishing touch is represented by the metal plate for the dashboard, complete with serial number and enraged Mk1 Mustang image (probably because of its brethren being supporter of animal cruelty!). Beneath the bonnet sits the 5.0-liter V8, packing an unmodified 422 horsepower (310 kilowatts) and 325 pound-feet (440 Newton meters) of torque.