The Mercedes G55 AMG is a true oddity – lots of performance inside a body that’s still rooting for the 1970s in its mechanical mind – and now this particular example also gains a truly posh interior.

Vilner answered to the call of arms – which involved a stealthy black Mercedes G55 AMG and the need to get an interior redress en tune with the owner’s wishes. It seems the calling order was for the G 55 AMG to resemble – in terms of luxury and atmosphere – the incredible Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. In case you didn’t grab one of the 99 examples of the latter, or was able to pay the asking price of €500,000, you can always set your eyes on a G55 in good condition from the used market and still have plenty money to pay Vilner a visit in Bulgaria where it’s headquartered.

Vilner reworks the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG interior to fit a king 8

The owner of the example is actually from the aftermarket specialists’ home country, although he’s also residing in London, UK. The tune included Soft Cocoa Brown-Orange leather on virtually all surfaces, save for the ones covered in black for contrasting effect. Vilner says the black leather on the dashboard also minimizes reflections on the windshield. We also noticed the Alcantara headliner, Morello Red seatbelts, and black body wrap for the exterior of the 2005 G-Class.


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