Vilner takes the Tesla Model X for a silent spin image

The Bulgarian aftermarket specialist has seemingly encountered one of the few examples of the American electric crossover to dwell in the Eastern parts of Europe and embarked on a new and enticing project.

While they’re renowned for their bespoke interiors, it’s still rather surprising to find out one of the main focuses called on by the client was to have the already silent electric crossover even more quieter when dwelling inside the cabin. This was also rather tricky, since the owner is actually a rather big Tesla fan and already has a couple more Teslas at home, so he knows just how silent these models can be. They kicked off the project with a full disassembly of the interior, finding out “how good the car was sound deadened from the factory.”



The challenge was overcome with the sound experts adding even more sound insulation on some strategic points as they strived to deliver the world’s “most silent Tesla cabin.” In addition, the owner also commissioned a more “electric” vibe for the cabin, with the designers opting for contrasting turquoise elements for the car’s black leather interior. The exterior has been left almost unchanged, with Vilner only adding a few new elements – new front lip, mirror caps, and rear spoiler, all with carbon-fiber cover.