Vilner treats the Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport to a bespoke interior image

The aftermarket specialist has decided to present its latest tuning customization program which involves a 2012 Maserati GranCabrio Sport.

The tuner from Bulgaria is known for their bespoke interior works and they’re back with another treat, which has been commanded by a customer residing in the United Kingdom. The person gave away his Maserati GranCabrio Sport from 2012 for a very special treatment where the cabin of the Italian thoroughbred has been modified by Vilner – reportedly the owner visited more than one UK-based aftermarket specialists but ultimately decided to trust Vilner instead. The Sofia-based specialist has left untouched the outside of the GT, which has 20-inch alloy wheels and Rosso Trionfale body color.

The cabin is an entirely different story as this one has been fully customized: the original Bianco Pregiato theme is nowhere to be found, instead the owner switching to a two-tone brown-red leather upholstery. There’s also ontrasting white stitching for the seats, door cards, armrests, and dashboard to complete the new look. All the hard surfaces have been clad in Alcantara and even the locking mechanisms of the seat belts has been covered in two layers of skin, to recall “old school driving gloves.” “The new interior by Vilner is simply wonderful. If only Maserati could produce an interior of this quality that looked even half as spectacular. It finally has an inside to match the outside,” commented the owner after the work was done.