Vilner treats the older Jagur XJ to a “single malt” interior customization image

The aftermarket specialists, whom we know have a knack for delivering out of the world interiors, have decided to “have a drink” and then come up with their latest project.

That’s because they decided to mix alcohol with a car – which is a thing that should never happen. Ok, there are a few small exceptions – such as a Martini livery on a Porsche. Let’s dive in and see if this one is also worthy of a hall pass. Vilner decided to catch our attention with a project that mixes single malt whisky and a greatly aged 2005 Jaguar XJ. The latter made a trip from Poland to Vilner’s headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria to get the spectacular interior workout you see in the gallery below. Yes, whiskey and a cigar club blend nicely inside a car, apparently.

Vilner treats the older Jagur XJ to a “single malt” interior customization 3

Vilner even Photoshoped the pictures to add some smoke – and we’re hoping it’s a virtual reality thing coming from a Cuban cigar and not some oil smoke from under the hood. Anyways, the client apparently enjoys a fine cigar and a high-quality whiskey. So, there’s a bevy of retro-flavored leather and Alcantara combined with the original wood trim. Vilner has a knack for incredible attention to detail and this is again the case – brown Alcantara-wrapped steering column, striped leather can be seen on the transmission tunnel. And there’s even a matching bag made from the exact same materials – but unfortunately we haven’t been allowed to also witness the unchanged exterior of the XJ.