The Italian theme is adamantly present on Vilner’s latest project – an Abarth 595 with an Italian-flag-themed stripe running over the hood, through the interior, and to the hatchback.

The Bulgarian tuner has decided to take for its latest project a Fiat 500 Abarth 595 and offer the sporty hatchback an Italian-flavored look to homage the original – and also plaster a sense of luxury inside. The red, white, and green color scheme from Italy’s flag is naturally used as the main theme both inside and out. It all starts with a thin Italian flag strip etched on the passenger side of the hood – stopping at the roof because of the panoramic sunroof, while a red-and-white-checkered pattern adorns the rear section of the top. The red, white, and green line picks up on the hatchback to complete the theme – the metamorphosis is complete with a new set of two-tone, five-spoke wheels.

Vilner tries to make the Fiat 500 Abarth 595 even more Italian 6

Inside, Vilner treats the cabin to the same Italian-flag-themed flourish running along the passenger side, including the dashboard. “This stripe is on the left side because 99 percent of the times the owner sits on the driver’s side of his car. So, there is no point to make such an unique design element and to hiding it away from him placing it on his seat and floor mat,” comments company founder Atanas Vilner. The cabin is also full of luxury materials – Alcantara center sections with leather on the outer edges and “595” embroidery for the floor mats, the same for the seats and door panels, with black Alcantara on the center console and around the sunroof. The extra flourish is brought by the red seat belts and hidden leather Italian flags underneath the side armrests.


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