Vintage Mercedes Belonging to Nazi Officers image

When an auto dealer Zenop Tuncer from New Jersey called up Mercedes to order parts for an old car he was amazed to hear the company’s reply “That’s Hitler car”.

It is believed that the 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D was part of the Third Reich car fleet, built during the Second World War. The car has quite an intricate past. It previously belonged to an Ohio collector who got it from his grandfather who bought it to the US after the war. Zenop Tuncer was looking for a 540K model for Fred Daibes, a real estate developer, when he found this car on eBay and bought it for $180,000. When he saw the weird four-door convertible he thought that this is a fake. But Mercedes confirmed that the bizarre car was genuine, being one of the eight manufactures especially for Nazi officials.

The car was most probably driven by one of Hitler’s generals, as Hitler drove a ‘top of the line’ Mercedes 770. The bizarre car still shows signs of its disquieting origins, a swastika icon and a patch on the fender, maybe an attempt to remove the Nazi flag from the vehicle. The car still runs well, offering 80 horsepower and a top speed of 80mph.