VIP Design thinks it has the most powerful Jaguar F-Type image

While Jaguar itself has recently unleashed the mighty F-Type SVR, delivering 575 hp via the company’s ubiquitous supercharged V8, there’s one particular London aftermarket specialist taking the credits for most powerful F-Type.

VIP Design has decided to upgrade the F-Type starting from the R AWD Coupe version and the result brings 650 horsepower to the table. By the way, VIP Design has actually went for a rather underrated exterior design – there’s a set of flashy gold wheels and a stronger quad exhaust system – but other than that we have a pristine design very close to the actual R version. This is because the tuning specialist decided to focus mostly on the engine compartment – where the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine resides.

VIP Design thinks it has the most powerful Jaguar F-Type 16

The regular F-Type R has 550 horsepower (404 kilowatts), but VIP design trumped the SVR by extracting another 100 hp for a grand total of 650 hp (478 kW). To get the ponies, the aftermarket expert used high-flow air filters and also tweaked the supercharger. The latter’s boost pressure was also modified and the software also received new lines of code. VIP Design also opted for a 30-mm lowering kit via uprated suspension parts, joints, and rubbers. The new high-performance exhaust has two selectable sound settings and the alloy wheels can be switched to one of the other 23 designs available in 28 hues. There’s also a polished carbon fiber look available for more money for the rear diffuser, side skirts, and mirror caps, as well as the hood air vents. The base sticker price for the upgrade is of £12,600 ($18,260).

  • Gary Kish

    What an age we live in where air filters, a smaller pulley and (most important) removing the hp limiters from the computer code unleashes an extra 100 horse power….just amazing! Now if any computer wiz kids can figure out how to do it cheaply, the Jaguar modification world would be even a happier place :)