The 3D technology-based gizmos, applications and other interesting things didn’t really get up in the real world aside from having to always strap a pair of goggles when out at the cinema.

But augmented reality technology might go a different route, as it tends to become increasingly mainstream. We’re eagerly expecting it in cars to augment the driving experience – Jaguar had that neat Virtual Windscreen concept and quite recently Hyundai also came up with an augmented reality head-up display. Now Polish car designer Tomasz Prygiel, a graduate of the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy, has decided to give us his view of the future, in the form of a neat Lamborghini prototype. Called LV-426 – an Alien movie reference – Prygiel’s design decided to dive in the augmented technology altogether. This is because there are no conventional windows whatsoever.

Virtual Lamborghini penned by student gets augmented reality and some virtual racing 2

The windshield and side windows have been replaced with screens and projectors, for increased visibility and all the applications in the augmented reality ecosystem anyone can think of. For example, there’s even a track mode to bring virtual opponents. There are 360 degree cameras that deliver autonomous driving alongside the bevy of onboard sensors. The design is also great, with the LV-426 being hybrid powered. There’s radical aerodynamics and even exterior screens that can project anything – from colors to messages.


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