Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 teaser drops by to make us drool image

It’s all about appearance – you might have the best car technically, but it won’t sell unless it looks appealing. That’s not the case here, since all details are up to snuff… and more.

Mercedes-Maybach continues the teasing game for the new ultra-luxurious coupe after first revealing part of the profile. Now the Facebook page has grabbed the front end of the vehicle – and we have a bevy of details to talk about. It appears the heritage brand’s traditional grille with vertical slats is making a powerful comeback – with the chrome finish wrapped in between a pair of sleek three-point LED headlights. We also noticed the central fin on the hood which has metallic accents at the extremes – while the concept eschews the falling out of fashion conventional side mirrors.

The second teaser also brings the intended name – Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, with the number most likely referencing the incredible length of close to six meters. The media has gone rampant with speculation as to what end this concept serves – and the general consensus is a production version is coming to sit above the already luxurious S Class Coupe. By the way, we’re not waiting long for the official arrival of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, because it has been scheduled to appear in all its glory on Thursday, August 18.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 teaser drops by to make us drool 1