Volksvagen T5 Assembly for Indonesia image

Until 2015, Jakarta will boast around 1, 200 Transporters and Multivans. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and importer Garuda Mataram Motor have started SKD assembly of the T5 for Indonesia’s local market.

Indomobil/Garuda Mataram Motor is known to be a reliable partner for Volkswagen and Audi for several years already. “We are very pleased that this successful and trusted partner is now also assembling our models for this growth-oriented market. This ensures the product quality which Volkswagen customers are accustomed to, and which they expect from a premium product like the T5,” said Jens Ocksen, Member of the Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Production.

About 220 T5 units are planned to be assembled in 2012 and the first cars are to be delivered in February. Six special Volkswagen passenger car dealers from Indonesia will present the cars to potential customers such as insurance companies, banks, public authorities and branch offices of European enterprises.

“We are exploiting the chances open to our vehicles in this growth-oriented market. The Multivan will be offered as a premium limousine, the Transporter as a reliable commercial vehicle. SKD-production will open the door and enable us to gain shares of the market. We view our competitive prospects very positively,” claimed Harald Schomburg, Member of the Brand Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Sales and Marketing.