Volkswagen aims to sell 2 million cars in China this year image

Volkswagen China today announced that it fulfilled its goal to become the best selling manufacturer in the South China region, the Beijing Times reported.

Karl-Thomas Neumann, president and CEO of Volkswagen China, said VW’s market coverage in South China has risen to 15.8 percent this year from 12 percent in 2008. “We passed 1 million in 2008 and nearly three years later we are absolutely confident we could pass 2 million this year,” Neumann said.

The German automaker boosted sales in South China by increasing the number of dealers by 25 percent in two years and by betting on the growth potential of smaller cities. The manufacturer has decided to invest 14 billion euros ($18.8) in the South China region starting next year. “It is not only Beijing or Shanghai, China has much more potential, as you can see here in Guangzhou and as you can see the growth in tier-two or tier-three cities,” Neumann said.

VW sold 1.89 million vehicles in China since the start of the year, with the Volkswagen brand making up over 1.4 million of that number. Skoda sales accounted for 190,000 units, while Audi has already matched 2010 total sales. The company aims to double its annual capacity to 3 million units by the year 2015, helped by the introduction of Seat to China and the focus on electric vehicles.