Volkswagen Passat Alltrack isn’t coming to the U.S. image

After presenting its newest creation yet to the public, the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, the German based automaker doesn’t have any plans to bring its Audi Allroad inspired vehicle to the United States.

According to the Volkswagen of America spokesman Mark Gillies, who talked with, the European VW Alltrack won’t arrive in the United States and the company has no plans to sell it on the over-seas auto market. Mark Gillies said that Volkswagen will have to create a separate Alltrack variant for the North American market, and the model is based on the European Passat and not the over-seas variant, which is different and larger.

“Because it’s based on the European Passat, we have no plans to sell it here”, as the Volkswagen of America spokesman Mark Gillies told

The Volkswagen Alltrack will come with the same off-road driving program as the Tiguan and Touareg, activated by an off-road button on the dashboard. The technology works up to 18 mph and electronically tunes all the equipment and the electronic differential, torque control, ABS, hill descent and, in the DSG equipped version, the gearbox shift points to provide a more focused off-road drive.

Volkswagen says that all versions come with an Alcantara interior, cruise control, climate control, multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth, satellite navigation and 18 inch alloy wheels. Prices for the European Passat Alltrack are expected to start at 44.000 USD.