Volkswagen Amarok SingleCab was launched in Germany image

The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently unveiled the Amarok on the local auto market in the SingleCab version, with more load space than the five-seat variant.

According to Volkswagen, the Amarok SingleCab comes with a 2.0 liter TDI engine which is offered in two levels, 122 or 163 horsepower, the last one being bi-turbo. Future customers of the new Amarok can choose between rear-wheel drive or 4Motion four-wheel drive. The base version of the Amarok SingleCab is burning 7.2 liters every 100 kilometers while emitting 189 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Volkswagen says that the new suspension allows the Amarok to be loaded with up to 1.24 tones and the SingleCab version has a total load space of 3.57 meters, 1.22 meters in width and 2.20 meters in length. According to the automaker, the Amarok SingleCab has more interior space than what the competition has to offer in this segment.

The German based automaker is offering the Amarok SingleCab with standard safety features like the ESP, front airbags and side airbags for the driver and the passenger. As optional features, the new Volkswagen Amarok SingleCab comes with navigation system, alloy wheels and a style package. Prices for the 2012 Amarok SingleCab start at 19.500 EUR (net) for the 90 kW rear-wheel drive.