Volkswagen Beetle R and Convertible coming image

A new Vw Beetle that finally does justice to the original is ready to go in New York. And Shanghai.

The new generation now bridges the gap from old and familiar to new lifestyles. With a new design and the latest technologies, the Beetle reveals itself as a car that’s bolder and masculine.

The third generation will go on sale in the U.S. in September or October, VW said in New York as it unveiled the redo ahead of the New York Auto Show, which begins with media days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Car and Driver is reporting that VW has officially announced that a high-performance Beetle R will be available for U.S. consumption. C/D points out that the last Beetle also came in a hi-po RSi variant, though the hatchback was a Euro-only affair and it was a complete bust.

It is further expected that Beetle R will be a front wheel drive but finer points about new modifications to the chassis and power train have still to be established by the company. The front wheel factor is particularly exciting given that the proposed engine combination usually powers an all wheel drive.