Volkswagen is planning to keep the BlueSport Roadster away from the production line after announcing that the concept will hit the market by 2013.

One of the most interesting Volkswagen Concept cars, the BlueSport Roadster, might miss the production line, as the company’s engineering boss, Uli Hackenberg, recently announced. According to the guys over at, the Volkswagen boss said that the BlueSport Roadster will not be assembled because of a simple problem, which has nothing in common with technology. Uli Hackenberg said that finding customers for the Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster will be quite a problem.

“It’s not a technology problem, but of finding enough customers. I don’t have enough sales volume to get the go-ahead”, as Uli Hackenberg, the Volkswagen engineering boss, told Autocar.

Volkswagen will need to sell at least 50.000 units annually of the BlueSport Roadster in order for the model to get the green line and make it into production, but the company doesn’t think that this is possible even in the biggest market for roadsters, the United States, so the project is currently being kept on hold. As a reminder, the mid-engined two-seater Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster has been officially presented to the public at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show and its familiar face has been carried from the Golf and the Scirocco.


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