Volkswagen brand deliveries rise 17.4 percent in January image

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand last month delivered 491, 900 models to customers worldwide, an increase of 17.4 percent compared to January 2012.

Deliveries in the overall European market for the first month of the year fell to 116,900 units (-6.8 percent), with the decline being primarily attributable to the continuing tense situation in Western Europe (excluding Germany), where deliveries were down 12.3 percent to 60,600 units.

In Germany, too, Volkswagen could not entirely avoid the effect of developments on the overall market (around -9 percent) and delivered 38,100 vehicles (-3.9 percent). In contrast, the company grew deliveries in the Central and Eastern Europe region, with 18,200 (+8.8 percent) new Volkswagens being handed over to customers. In Russia, Volkswagen deliveries also increased to 10,000 units (+7.2 percent).

In the North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew deliveries to 43,800 units (+10.6 percent), of which over 29,000 vehicles (+6.7 percent) went to customers in the United States, the region’s largest single market. In the South America region, the VW brand delivered 63,100 vehicles (-2.0 percent), of which 46,100 units (+5.1 percent) were handed over in Brazil.

In the Asia-Pacifi region, the Volkswagen brand reported a 43.7 percent increase in January, delivering 251,100 vehicles there, of which 235,000 units (+47.0 percent) in China (including Hong Kong), the region’s largest single market. In India, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 4,600 vehicles(-19.9 percent) in January.