It is not all bad news coming from Volkswagen, as the automaker has announced it produced 43 million cars at its Wolfsburg plant.

With the emission scandal in full swing, Volkswagen’s reputation has been seriously dented, but the German brand remains one of the most important automakers in the industry. With dozens of assembly lines all over the world, they produce and sell around 300 models under 12 brands, with the Wolfsburg production facility at the heart of their factories. Last week, the 43th million vehicle was built at VW’s most important plant and a Pure White Touran was the celebration car of this milestone. “Our employees are working in all areas with great commitment to manufacturing products in the highest quality. The long experience and the expertise of our team make this possible,” Plant manager Jens Herrmann said.

Situated on the banks of Mittellandkanal, an artificial waterway, the plant has an area of more than six square kilometers, with the factory halls alone taking up a surface area of 1.6 square kilometers – an area large enough to accommodate the entire Principality of Monaco. The world’s largest single car-manufacturing complex produces the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf GTE, e-Golf, Touran and Tiguan, and about 836,000vehicles rolled off the assembly lines in 2014.

Volkswagen, founded in Berlin on May 28, 1937, commissioned a factory to be built at the site of what would eventually be the City of Wolfsburg. The factory was built in 1938/39 as a facility for series production of the Volkswagen car designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The putting into practice of this “People’s Car” vision was interrupted by World War II, which brought with it a demand for armament production and the Nazi regime’s policy of forced labor. When the war ended, the British military, under whose trusteeship the factory was placed, commissioned the first production assignment for the factory. Production series of the Volkswagen cars began in December 1945. By 1955, the factory was celebrating completion of the one-millionth Beetle in Wolfsburg. By the time production was discontinued in 1974, a total of 11,916,519 Beetles had been built there. A short time later, production commenced on the Golf, a model which would eventually lend its name to a whole vehicle class and which launched a new era for the Volkswagen brand


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