The commercial vehicles division of the Dieselgate-embattled German automaker has recently released the sketches of the next generation Crafter, a teaser for the most aerodynamic model in its class.

The model has also been teased not long ago using virtual reality, with Volkswagen practically delivering the entire design language through a host of renderings. The bigger the better, appears to be the cue, with the Crafter adapting to the new dimensions the designers’ styling language used for the newest Transporter. The only thing is the components look larger now, and while the commercial van is of course larger than “life”, Volkswagen still claims the Crafter has obtained a 0.33 drag coefficient, making it the best vehicle in its class. We’ll reserve the judgment on that for independent testing when it goes on sale in Europe later on this fall, because we already know VW lays claims that are actually not real.

Volkswagen commercial vehicles to get aerodynamic boost from new Crafter 1

Moving on, we can see the Transporter and Crafter are becoming twins, with a large grille that is linked directly to the headlights – the difference is the Crafter uses three slats across the front, instead of just two on the smaller brethren. We still don’t see the interior, but it appears it’s going to be a game changer. The engineers and designers opted for client inputs on the development process. We also don’t know what powertrains the Crafter is going to use, but if design cues are linked to the Transporter we can rest assured so are the engines and transmissions.


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