The German automaker will ow it to the Dieselgate scandal its forced participation in the zero-emission vehicle segment – whether they like it or not, they’ll have to deliver three full electrics in California, including an SUV, by 2019.

According to a recent Consent Decree signed against Volkswagen by U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer, there are numerous things to be paid by the company – “$225 million, including $66 million to California, for harm resulting from the sale of its 3.0-liter diesel” – but there’s much more as the judge singed the agreements between the carmaker, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the Environmental Protection Agency and the country’s Department of Justice. And while one of the decrees is national – we can recall the automaker has to invest into a country-wide network of chargers, among others – the other one is specific for the state of California.

The California Air Resources Board has stated “In addition, VW will contribute to California’s ZEV market by introducing two new ZEV models, plus the electric e-Golf, or its replacement, by 2019. One of those new vehicles must be an electric SUV.” They will also be forced to introduce a second SUV by 2020 – and sales also need to be extensive for the sector, of more than 35k between 2019 and 2025. We can now extrapolate the models VW that will be required to sell in California – and most likely market them globally as well are part of the I.D. series of concepts.



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