The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently confirmed the rumors which were saying that the company is considering a low-cost brand to rival Dacia.

After some rumors appeared just a few weeks ago which were saying that Volkswagen is planning o develop a the carmaker has recently confirmed it during the Sao Paulo Motor Show.

“There is now a big segment growing below us. In China, for example, we’re selling cars for less than ever for 8000 euros, but there are brands selling for 6000 euros. It makes sense to rival these brands, we’re analyzing it and pre-thinking it”, said the R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg. “We have technology that has been invested in and improved over time, and it is easy to share costs with parts that are already available. So you don’t need to make new investments in the technology.”

The weird part of this announcement is that while Renault is struggling to move up market in order to compete with Volkswagen, and leaving room for its budget brand Dacia in the meantime, Volkswagen is planning to launch a low-cost brand to rival the Romanian based automaker, but it seems that the new cheap VW models won’t become available on the Old Continent and they will be launched in China and other markets across Asia. Additional details on this subject are limited for the moment but we will keep you updated once more info is known.

Source: Autocar


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