Volkswagen confirms second-generation Phaeton image

Volkswagen plans to launch a second generation Phaeton sedan, R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg told the media at the Sao Paulo motor show.

Although the Phaeton has never been a commercial success in its 10 years on the market, VW wants to continue the nameplate with an all-new model. According to Hackenberg, the new Phaeton would feel very new, as VW Group’s technology has moved on a lot since the Phaeton was launched in 2002.

VW’s R&D boss also revealed that the next generation flagship sedan would be underpinned by the new modular MLB platform for larger models in the VW Group. This new lightweight platform will be made of aluminum and will improve the fuel efficiency of the new Phaeton over the current steel-bodied car. The platform will also be used by the next-generation Bentley Continental family and Porsche Panamera family.

Earlier this year, Hackenberg confirmed that the new Phaeton will be once again available in the United States. The Phaeton left the U.S. market in 2006 because of its negative image and too-expensive price tag. The Phaeton has struggled against stronger, more established competition, including its Audi A8 cousin, so plans to continue the nameplate are regarded by some analysts with bewilderment.
The new Phaeton is expected to launch in 2015.