Volkswagen delivers almost 6m passenger cars in 2013 image

Volkswagen has delivered almost 6 million passenger cars last year with more than 1.5 million of them finding new owners in Europe, where the situation still remains difficult.

The German based automaker Volkswagen has managed to deliver 5, 93 million passenger cars back in 2013, and only in December, the company has handed over the keys to 535,200 vehicles, 3.3 percent more than in December 2012.

“There has been further growth for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand in spite of the challenging market conditions. Our new Golf in particular has done extremely well in its first full year on the market and has strengthened Volkswagen’s competitive position. We will be facing new and difficult challenges in 2014, but we are very well prepared thanks to our young and sustainable product range”, said VW’s board member for Sales and Marketing, Christian Klinger.

Deliveries of cars to Western Europe has dropped by 3.9 percent in 2013, to a total of 811,800 units and in Germany, the carmaker has managed to deliver 560,100 units, 4.4 percent less than in 2012. A total of 156,300 vehicles have been delivered to Russia, the region’s largest single market, and in the Asia-Pacific, a substantial 15.0 percent increase has been seen in deliveries, after 2.73 million cars have been handed over. Out of these, China is leading with 2.51 million cars, 16.6 percent more than in 2012. The North American region has taken delivery of 407,700 units, while in South America, 720,400 units have been sold.