Volkswagen diesel settlement delayed again image

The upcoming Tuesday was the date set for Volkswagen to offer the final terms concerning its diesel-emissions cheating scandal that views around half a million Volkswagen and Audi units.

However, that will not happen as the U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer extended the settlement date by one more week for Volkswagen and the EPA to reach an agreement.

According to Reuters, the new date was set by the judge to be the 28th of June. However, the judge did not delay the date for a final judicial hearing that is the 26th of July, which means the time set for public commentary was shortened from five to four weeks.

The reason for the delay came from the acting court-appointed mediator for consolidated cases, the former director of FBI, Robert S. Mueller. The judge explained that a delay was due because of “highly technical nature of the proposed settlements in these complex proceedings.” The settlement is expected to include an offer made by VW to buy back any of the 482,000 Volkswagen or Audi 2.0-liter TDI diesel models in case the owners choose to sell them.

What the settlement could also contain is a plan to change the cars whose owners do not want to sell back their cars and a fund established by VW rumored at around $5000 that is addressed for those owners who choose to not pursue further legal action, separate from the buyback offer. Another fund could be established to support “appropriate remediation efforts” from Volkswagen to counteract the effects produced by the excess nitrogen oxide released by these cars.

The Volkswagen diesel-emissions scandal started at the middle of September last year.

  • John Stark

    Nitrogen Oxide is a cancer causing Particulate emission from each of these cars that are fitted with a cheat defeating device on the TDI engines.

    Less than one year after purchasing this TDI “clean ” Diesel..Dr David Gerlach of Richland WA was diagnosed and treated for AML Leukemia associated with his exposure to this car. He purchased it from Overturff Volkswagen Audi in Kennewick WA.
    They were supposed to address the fact that this car was imported from Germany and was to be fixed before we took delivery of the car.

    Less than one year after David purchased the care he fell ill with AML Leukemia and was admitted into the Hospital At Kadlec Medical Center ICU.

    He received multiple doses of Chemo therapy to battled the cancer in his body to no avail of lowering his PSA or the actual cancer he had inside his body. It was maintaining a 30 % of his total blood volume on his Blood work and was said by many to be quite remarkable that it would not reduce in it’s severity of his medical charting to a lower level after being admitted for the initial diagnosis of AML Leukemia. After being transferred to U of W ICU Cancer Care Alliance we were hoping to battle this further and he came down with Pneumonia from the ambulance ride from Richland WA to Seattle.
    Complications in his care lasted until May 8th Sunday of 2011 when he finally lost his very courageous battle with the fight against cancer…The lead medical oncology doctor said they would catalog his tissues sample and make it a point to retain it for further study at Fred Hutch Cancer center at the U of W here in Seattle, and make sure his very definite cancer profile would be listed as rare and unusual.

    The Nitrogen oxide is at 10 to 40 times the acceptable level on the EPA emission of each TDI vehicle. David would commonly leave the vehicle running to warm it up and then take the time to walk through the garage fully inhaling the emissions from the exhaust that filled the garage space with harmful emissions from the diesel engine.

    VW fails to address the actual legitimate issue each owner has had with the exposure to the emissions and what it was capable of doing to the passengers and people who constantly came into contact with the exhaust. The out side of the car is coated with the smog / aka Nitrogen oxide and it has eroded the gasket seals around the hatchback and has contributed to leaking of water into the spare tire compartment.
    Mold is present all through out the vehicle , which makes driving it increasingly difficult each day for 2 hours a day to and from work commuting.
    I often get headaches and loose my concentration while driving feeling like I am choking while driving this car.
    VW is dragging it’s heels because it knows the potential harm it did to owners actually killed them outright and is not willing to address it in court proceedings.
    A close friend and neighbor here on Whidbey island just up the street from where we purchased land ..also has a leased TDI sport wagon…She promptly returned it after I asked her how her husband was doing this spring..She told me he died and it was aggressive cancer..just like Davids’.. I told her about his cancer results and the 30% blood volume remark from the doctors and she immediately made the decision to get rid of her car.
    VW is scared to address the Deaths / and or direct harm it actually caused to their customers/ and or passengers and family members. This being known would change the entire way they would handle the buy back process of the TDI diesels. .