Volkswagen discontinues the Golf and GTI two door in America image

The German automaker is already hard at work reestablishing the strategy for North America apparently, with the 2017 model year Golf and Golf GTI ditching the unsuccessful two-door versions.

From now in North America all versions of the Golf will have at least four doors – and a hatch. The two-door models proved unsuccessful and VW has decided to ditch them from the 2017 model year roster altogether. The decision has been confirmed to media during an event recently and when selecting the online vehicle configurator it becomes very clear – no two-door options on the 2017 model year, but you can select them if toggling back to the 2016 model year. “The trend is clearly shifting towards four-door models,” said Volkswagen’s North American marketing chief, Hendrik Muth.

Additionally, the all-electric e-Golf and high-performance Golf R have also been sold as four-doors in America, while Volkswagen also announced not long ago a new Sport trim for the GTI, which was only available for the four-door. This Sport model is placed between the S and SE trims and has the Performance Package, xenon headlights, LED running lights, push-button start, and black mirror caps.

Via Car and Driver