Volkswagen to drop the Eos for new convertible image

The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently announced its plans to drop the Eos model in favor for a new convertible.

The current generation of the drop top will be the final one to hit the market from Volkswagen because the company is planning to stop its production. The Volkswagen Eos will eventually be replaced by a new convertible, which will be larger, about the same size of the Passat, but future customers wanting a drop-top in the C-segment will be able to order the new Golf Cabrio.

“The Eos will not be prolonged when it comes off the market. Retractable hardtops are disappearing from the market now, and to be honest that’s not something I mind. There’s definitely room in our line-up for a larger convertible, so why not do it? The problem with such ambitions is that all our existing factories are at full capacity, so any new additions means building new factories”, as Klaus Bischoff told Autocar during the L.A. Auto show.

As a quick reminder, the Volkswagen Eos has been in production ever since 2006 and the model is getting a choice of six engines and two transmissions. The 2012 Volkswagen Eos is 4,422 mm ling, 1,791 mm wide and 1,443 mm tall and it’s riding on a 2,578 mm long wheelbase.

Source: Autocar