Volkswagen e-up! to hit the production line in 2013 image

No, we didn’t go crazy and announce this a few times over and over, this is actually a different car than the up! and you can see, in the images, that we are looking at the based concept car called the e-up!, which, according to Volkswagen, is scheduled to hit the production line in 2013.

Being originally presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the e-up! concept is actually a near-production study, being designed to differentiate from the regular internal combustion engine powered version, the most distinctive feature being the arc-shape layout of the LED daytime running lights which are integrated in the front bumper.


As you probably figured it out, the e-up! is an electric vehicle that takes its power from an electric motor which is delivering a peak power of 60 kW and a sustained power of 40 kW, along with an impressive amount of torque for a small car, 210 Nm, all of them available from zero revs.

Volkswagen says that the e-up! has a top speed of 135 km/h and the car’s battery capacity of 18 kWh enables a range of 150 km, depending on the driving style.